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Khayyan Food News

From Vine To Wine To Vinegar

Best Wine Vinegar high acidity
Solera wine vinegars, one of the most sophisticated perfumes in the world of gastronomy, are considered amongst the finest ingredients providing...

Raising The Bar The Perfect Shrub for Mixed Cocktails

Khayyan Specialty Foods and ZONA Vinegars in Golf Kitchen Magazine

Khayyan the City State

Jaen Andalusia Spain Khayyan Specialty Foods and Olivar Santamaria
Where did Khayyan Specialty Foods derive its name Khayyan. The region of Jaen (Andalusia) Spain where Olivar Santamaria extra virgin olive oil is produced


Best Piquillo Peppers by ZONA Organic
Discover Piquillos' endless possibilities - stuff with ground meats or seafood - cod is a delicious traditional option. Puree with onions and Olive Oil and VinegarMix chopped into bread dough, sauté and serve over pasta, marinate in Sherry Vinegar. Top hamburgers or pizza....the options are endless.

Have a Heart - Artichoke Heart that is!

ZONA Heart of Artichoke ready made for your salad or pizza
ZONA Heart of Artichoke ready to eat.

An Olive A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Healthy green manzanilla olives olivar santamaria
Green olives are a healthy snack or part of a meal packed with nutritional benefits

Christmas Baking With Olivar Santamaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baking with extra virgin olive oil Olivar Santamaria
Extra Virgin Olive Oil can make your holidays a little easier and lighter on both taste and belly and use it to bake cookies and cakes.

How to Choose Your Next Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olivar Santamaria
How to Choose Your Next Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AgroMafia Food Fraud

Food Fraud To Avoid by Khayyan Specialty Foods
Always inspect labels for packaging date and best by dates on packaged extra virgin olive oil. Frankly most artisan high quality gourmet food should list dates of production and and best by.

Olive Oil - A Spoonful A Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Healthy Olive Oil Olivar Santamaria
A daily consumption of at least two tablespoons (approximately 30 grams) of phenol-rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be effective in lowering blood pressure.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Anyway?

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Olivar Santamaria
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is pure olive juice passionately referred to over thousands of years as “liquid gold” and it is a healthy fat obtained from the olive, a traditional Mediterranean tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin.

Oleocanthal an Antioxidant found in EVOO kills cancer cells!

Oleocanthal in Olivar Santamaria best healthy extra virgin olive oil
Extra Vrgin Olive Oil contains an ingredient, oleocanthal, that kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells.