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Established in 2014 Khayyan Specialty Foods partners directly with specialized local producers across Spain and the greater Mediterranean, providing some of America's top chefs with quality, sustainably farmed products and deep, rich Mediterranean tastes. Let our world-class ingredients complement your skills and thrill your customers, friends and family.

At Khayyan we are committed to providing healthy seasonal food freshly packed at source, and this mission has elevated Khayyan Specialty Foods as the go to supplier of high quality specialty products under the ZONA and Olivar Santamaria brand of products and other recognized quality names from Europe.

We offer sustainably farmed and packed products with unique partnerships to farmers. We bring you specialty local harvest and produced vegetable preserves, seafood, extra virgin olive oils, spices, grains, vinegars, cheese and charcuterie supported by world-class facilities and production techniques serving some of the most demanding food markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East and now North America. 

The array of ZONA Vegetables and Condiments offers healthy traditional preserves making it possible to enjoy the bounty of harvest time all year around. Under the ZONA brand our exclusive partner growers prepare in can, jar and bottle a wide range of top-quality produce, fish, spice and vinegar, and we are always at work developing new products and combinations to satisfy the latest food industry flavors and trends.


Discover our award winning Olivar Santamaria® Extra Virgin Olive Oil which displays the distinct flavors of Andalusia’s Picual and Hojiblanca olive varieties: intense to medium grassy flavors, a slight bitterness, some spiciness and hints of tomato and artichoke. The extraordinary organoleptic qualities and high concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols found in Olivar Santamaria® make it a key ingredient in a healthy and nutritious diet for the home and food service.



We bring a selection of organic vegetable, fish and spread preserves for the retail market. The ZONA OrganicTM line comprises over a dozen well tested and proven ingredients receiving high marks and testament from some of the most demanding chefs.  Now we bring this ZONA OrganicTM selection to retail and home cooks to enjoy and experiment with, and importantly, provide exceptional culinary experiences.