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Piquillo Peppers

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Piquillo peppers are a small tangy pepper, native to the rural village of Lodosa in Navarra. Often referred to as the red gold of Lodosa. Picked whole and fire-roasted, hand-peeled and packed in their own juices.  Brought to Spain by Christopher Columbus, once planted in Spain, developed their own characteristics and turned into a native Spanish variety.

Origin:                        Lodosa (Navarra), Spain

Pepper Varietal:         Chili capsicum annuum

Flavor profile:             intense red color, sweet and tangy, soft to the palate with a smoky after taste

Recommended use:   excellent stuffing pepper for savory meats, fish and cheeses. Also                                            chop or slice for sandwiches and salads, or simply use sliced as a                                            simple tapas with a little salt and pepper pureeing with olive oil and                                          spices for a quick dip or sauce. 

Ingredients:                 Whole Piquillo Peppers

Packing and Size:       12 Units per Case / DR WT 300 gr (0.66 lbs)