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From the clean waters of the Galician sea, hand harvested Kombu seaweed is one of the most common algae consumed, used in traditional cuisines around the world. Versatile and a great source of minerals (iodine, calcium, copper, manganese) and vitamins. Flavor is mild with a certain smokiness and more body and texture than other algae. Dehydrated in low temperatures to keep the integrity of the algae.

  • Origin: Galicia, Spain
  • Varietal: Laminaria Ochroleuca
  • Flavor: mild with a certain smokiness
  • Recommended use: In dydrate form use in soups, stews, rice. The water used to hydrate can be used as a base for soups and rices.
  • Ingredients: ORGANIC Dehydrated Kombu Seaweed
  • Packing and Size: 100 gr (3.53 oz) net dry weight