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White Asparagus

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From the family of Asparagus Officinalis, it is a spring vegetable, native of Europe and best known product of the fertile region of Navarra. It is of white color, soft texture and balanced bitterness. Grown and harvested without daylight, thus avoiding the transformation into a green asparagus . Right after harvesting, it is immediately prepared to be preserved and jarred utilizing a traditional pickling method unique to the region to freshly preserve its wonderful qualities. Used for centuries for medicinal purposes, this bunch is packed with flavor, vitamins, minerals and are low sodium. Hold on to spring all year around!

Origin:                        Navarra, Spain

Varietal:                     White Asparagus from the Asparagus Officinalis family

Flavor Profile:            mild, earthy flavor with a slight bitterness. Smooth to the palate

                                  Recommended Use: Garnish meats and fish dishes, as an ingredient                                       for salads and purees. They are best enjoy out of the jar, drained, Â                                         with a dollop of mayonnaise and a glass of wine

Packing and Size:     12 Glass Units per case / 325 gr (0.72 lbs)