50 Year Gran Reserva Pedro Ximenez Sherry Wine Vinegar

50 Year
“Gran Reserva Sacristia”
Pedro Ximenez
Balsamic Wine Vinegar

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Awarded the "Vinavin Gold Award 2015" for best Balsamic in the Córdoba Region

This ultra-premium balsamic vinegar is wonderfully complex, rich, and sweet with nutty undertones and a smooth texture.  Gran Reserva Sacristia will change the way you think about balsamic vinegar and after being lovingly aged for 50 years in American Oak barrels and tinajas it will truly elevate any dish that it is paired with. The perfect complement to our Olivar SANTAMARIA “Special Edition” extra virgin olive oil. 

  • Origin: Montilla Moriles (Cordoba, Spain)
  • Grape Varietal: Pedro Ximenez
  • Intensity: bold
  • Recommended use: glaze for beef, chicken, fish, and game, finishing salads, vegetables, aged cheeses, and desserts
  • Aged: 50 years in American Oak
  • Acidity: 6%
  • Size: 250 ml