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12 Year <br> "Reserva" <br> Fino <br> White Balsamic Wine Vinegar

12 Year
White Balsamic Wine Vinegar

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Our 12 year white balsamic wine vinegar blends Fino white grape must with Fino white wine vinegar and is cooked at a low temperature to avoid any darkening.  Aged in American Oak barrels the white balsamic has a clean aftertaste. It can be used with lighter colored foods, dressings, or sauces without any discoloring.

  • Origin: Montilla Moriles (Cordoba, Spain)
  • Grape Varietal: Fino
  • Intensity: mild sweet
  • Recommended use: glazes, marinades, sauces and as finishing on salads and soups
  • Aged: 12 Years in American Oak
  • Acidity: 6°
  • Size: 750 ml