Khayyan Smoked Paprika

Pimenton De La Vera
Sweet Smoked Paprika

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The cultivation of peppers for paprika was introduced in La Vera, Spain, in the sixteenth century by the San Jeronimo monks of the Yuste monastery. Our smoked paprika, or pimenton, is made by gently smoking mature ripe and dried peppers over oak, creating a complex and invitingly warm and sweet flavor profile that will enhance a wide variety of foods.

This Smoked Paprika has an unbelievably rich and smoky flavor, beautiful deep red color, and is the perfect complement to sauces, stews, and braises or as a finishing agent on cold salads, eggs, and vegetables.

  • Origin: La Vera (Extremadura, Spain)
  • Paprika Varietal: Capsicum Annum (Careciforme and Piper Longum) peppers
  • Flavor: sweet
  • Recommended use: fish, chicken, meats, stews, sauces, and cold salads
  • The unique aroma and flavor is obtained using a traditional smoke-drying system
  • Size: 750 grams