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BOMBA Valencia Paella Rice Arroz La Perla Foods
<br> BOMBA <br> Paella Rice of Valencia <br> "Slow Food Valencia" Designation <br> <br>
Protected Denomination of Origin Spanish Paella Rice
Natural Product of Albufera Natural Park, Valencia Spain
Slow Food Valencia Designation Khayyan Specialty Foods Rice

Paella Rice of Valencia
"Slow Food Valencia" Designation

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The traditional paella rice of Spain, BOMBA Arroz, (also known as the "Queen of Rice") is a varietal most commonly found in Valencia the capital of Paella making. It is a round rice, or short grain, and can be used in many recipes both for Mediterranean and other cuisines from around the world.  The Bomba rice is beloved by gourmet chefs for its loose dry texture and for the fact that it soaks up 30 percent of its weight and size with the broth it is prepared in adding amazing consistency of flavors to all dishes.

  • Origin: Albufera Natural Park, (Valencia) Spain
  • Recommended use: all rice dishes and soups
  • Size: 1 kg (2.2 lb) burlap bag