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15 Year Aged Moscastel Sherry Wine Vinegar
15 Year <br> Moscatel <br> Wine Vinegar <br> <br>

15 Year
Wine Vinegar

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Moscatel, is a sweet, floral grape with a honeyed aroma. Aged in American oak barrels, this wine slowly acidifies and becomes a delightfully bittersweet vinegar. Naturally aged and slowly matured, this sherry vinegar retains that same captivating aroma of fresh fruit that makes Moscatel wine so unique.

  • Origin: Montilla Moriles (Cordoba, Spain)
  • Grape Varietal: Moscatel
  • Intensity: mild sweet
  • Recommended use: fish, duck, game, pork and as vinaigrette for earthy vegetables and Portobello mushrooms
  • Aged: 15 years in American Oak
  • Acidity: 6°
  • Size: 375 ml