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Over the years we partnered with growers of specialty products only cultivated and processed by them for generations. We work exclusively with these brands because of their high quality nowhere else to be found and because of profound appreciation for the artistic and sustainable farming traditions brought to us and the world.

Indulge in a rice cultivated since 1925 by the Alepuz Family in the area where the paella was invented. Only 10 kilometers from València exists the Albufera Natural Park, a Mediterranean ecosystem with unspoiled dune beaches, forests and rice fields. The park is home to the largest lake in Spain and one of the most important wetland areas on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a place of great ecological interest with rare species of wading birds and a rich variety of wildlife. Its waters have been traditionally worked by fishermen and rice growers, supplying ingredients and inspiration for many of the region's most succulent dishes and to chefs and home cooks around the world. Enjoy this Slow Food Certified rice in your home, restaurant or introduce it to your grocery.


Unico Vinagres y Salsas vinegar origins date back to 1923 when Fino and Oloroso wines matured in barrels were chosen due to the high degree of acidity making the varietals ideal for vinegar. These vinegars have always been produced with healthy wines that have previously undergone biological aging or oxidative aging in American oak barrels. Aged and categorized under Crianza, Reserva and Grand Reserva, and made from high quality Palomino, Tempranillo, Fino, Oloroso, Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in American Oak barrels in the Cordoba region of Spain. These unique flavors have quickly become a staple ingredient in the kitchens of some of the country's top chefs now available in retail and grocery.


A longstanding family-run business started in 1940 specializing in the manufacturing and packaging of Pimenton de la Vera Paprika. Las Hermanas paprika product is produced respecting the natural cycles of the crop, thus protecting the environment, ensuring sustainable practices and respect for nature.  In this privileged microclimate discovered in the 16th century by the Jeronimos monks La Vera Paprika is obtained by grinding mature, dried peppers. The peppers are dried using Oakwood, which generates sufficient heat to dehydrate the fruit perfectly giving La Vera Paprika its three main characteristics: 


AROMA AND FLAVOUR is obtained using a traditional smoke-drying system. BALANCED COLOUR a result of the high concentration of carotenes. 

Discover this most unique condiment already used by top chefs now available for the home cook.

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